CBT Compulsory Basic Training - Slough

A CBT is designed to be a one day course. It can be completed more quickly or it may sometimes take longer than a day depending on your ability. 

To do a CBT you must me 16 or over. At 16 you can ride a 50cc bike and at 17+ a 125cc bike. If you are 21 years of age or older we may let you have go on our 500cc bikes!

On completion of your CBT you will get a certificate which will last for two years. This will entitle you to ride a learner bike for this period. After two years you will either have to re-take a CBT or pass your full test. 

If you pass your CBT at 16 on a moped, when you are 17 you will be able to ride a 125cc bike on the same certificate. 

It doesn't matter if you pass on an auto as you will still be qualified to ride a geared bike after. (You may wish to take extra training)

The day begins in a safe off road area before going onto the road, you will be shown :

The bike and controls

Starting and stopping





Don't worry, we will not rush you out onto the road if you’re not ready!

We will go at your pace. 

 Highway code for Motorcyclists - select the image below:

CBT scooter, bike training in slough